Wednesday, May 9, 2012

what's on YOUR wheel....

This is a 4oz BFL roving that
I bought it last year when on a trip to Washington State.
I thought it would be fun because it was
dyed locally (there).

The fiber's are filling up the Jensen Tina II bobbin
...just right =)

...but, now I have to do a center pull ball to ply it. 
...not really my favorite thing.

...or, I can try to find another single ply that will play nicely
with this one.  Taking the easy way out,I'm gonna see if I can
 find a playmate...

 I could probably alleviate this problem next time. 
 What if?... the roving got divided into two halves?
Then, I could spin half roving on each of two bobbins.
It's sooo nice when the lights go on in meee ol' brain! 
Yeah...if it only happened a leeeetle more
often!  =P

What's on YOUR wheel? or spindle, or needles, or?