Tuesday, September 20, 2011

just bopping in to announce...

The WINNER of the picture book


WINNER is....

Connie from Iowa

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Master Spinner in Action...

This is a great interview with a Pat Maley,
a Master Spinner. 

I would LUV to "hear" what you think about this
video.  Does it look fun?...easy?
When you watch...does it energize you to
want to SPIN?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sheep in a Jeep ...giveaway!

Yeah... that's probably not going to happen...
in real life, anyway.
But, this is just one of several
great picture books about a group
of crazy sheep "girls" driving thru the country.
It has funny phrases...that rhyme and are fun to
read aloud.

Several other titles with these "silly" sheep
and their antics are...

Sheep in a Shop
Sheep Out to Eat
Sheep Trick or Treat
Sheep on a Ship

I do...of course...have them all! Yep, and
sometimes, I even sit and read them to myself.

So... do you have a favorite children's
Sheep Book?

If not, that's quite okay.  I'm sure there aren't any
sheep that would be offended. I certainly won't. 

But, if you would like a
Sheep in a Jeep book of your VERY own...
then, please leave a comment...
and mention that you are a follower...

**Drawing will be Thurs Sept 15th (midnight MT time)**